Begin the Synod Adventure! Something like this seems to express the Preparatory Document when it warns from the beginning that it is not a “complete document” but a “map that intends to foment an investigation”. So with this ‘map’ we are going to venture into the world of young people, the process of discernment in the light of faith and the vocational youth ministry. These are the three parts that make up the Document.

We believe that the first part is the weakest, something expected, because to want to visualize and analyze the reality of young people is something practically impossible, but that certainly all this preparatory process will give the Church a rich and fruitful image. Aspects that concern and with which young people are in contact each day are absent.

The second part is very interesting, and quite complete, shows a clear and solid itinerary of discernment and vocational accompaniment.

With respect to the third, it again offers us a panorama that is too brief, and although it points out good ways and keys for pastoral care, the reality can undoubtedly contribute and enrich the latter part.

The end of the Document is a questionnaire, also divided into three parts:

  • The data. Collect the current reality in a statistical way.
  • The situation of the young people with respect to the Church, society, pastoral … (And it is to emphasize the proposal of adaptation to each continent – although this also varies a lot).
  • The practices. An interesting request to compile what is being done ‘de facto’ in the Church.

Undoubtedly, a good start, happy and already pointing out good ways for what will be the Synod of 2018.?

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